Destinations with connections to Comiso Airport (CIY)

Flights, Arrivals & Departures at Comiso Airport

Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3900 10:00 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Aeroitalia XZ2131 12:10 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Flexflight W28424 12:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28402 16:30 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2115 16:30 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Aeroitalia XZ2821 22:40 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Flexflight W28489 22:40 Scheduled
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Bologna (BLQ) Flexflight W28421 07:50 Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ) Aeroitalia XZ2130 07:50 Scheduled
Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3901 10:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Flexflight W28599 13:10 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Aeroitalia XZ2114 13:10 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Aeroitalia XZ2820 18:10 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) Flexflight W28429 18:10 Scheduled

Flying To and From Comiso Airport

This page provides information about the destinations that can be reached via Comiso Airport .

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